Cargo airlines

Aurora Aviation S.A. works with over 20 of the world’s largest cargo airlines. We know all about cargo requirements and we are well known for our innovative, fast and precise customer focused services, including:

  • Jet fuel
  • Ground handling
  • Clearance
  • Flight planning
  • Air charter
  • Crew services
  • Catering

We are used to organising the build up of cargo so that it is delivered in the right way. Our Loadmasters will take care of your important cargo for you.

We know that circumstances can change and that the unexpected occurs - for example, flight deviations. We always sort out challenges quickly and calmly: you don’t want cargo shipments to be delayed and neither do we.

Tap into our extensive knowledge. We can cover:

  • Station management
  • CSA (Cargo Sales Agent)

We can also manage all of the paperwork, for example AWB, authorisations, governmental pre-approvals and dangerous goods requirements in a professional and timely manner. We are fanatical about follow up.

You can ask unlimited time for revision, changes or delay. We understand the need to do that.

When it comes to cargo, Ask Aurora

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