Frustrated by the stress of travel? We offer a total wrap around service for all of your travel needs, including:

We are experts in air charter of all types of aircraft. We can help with groups of all sizes, starting with one VIP. Please visit our Charter page to find out more.

We offer a fast service and any combination of destinations, including unusual ones.

We can assist with the customs, immigration and visa process - including at short notice - respecting the rules for each country. Avoid the queues, via our VIP entry service that includes a special terminal.

Access to the best airport lounges can be arranged. We can provide a professional, authorized agent to meet you and smooth your path through the airport and beyond. They can meet you at the plane door or within the airport and help you to navigate immigration rapidly. They can assist you with your luggage and translate for you. We can provide qualified, friendly personnel, red carpets, flowers and any other service that you require.

  • Private Butler
  • Personal Trainer
  • Private Event Management
  • Personal Assistants
  • House Sitting
  • Pet Services
  • And anything else that you require

We can arrange hotel accommodation, or practically anything else that is needed.

The best food and refreshments can be ordered to your personal dietary requirements. Your family, friends and guests may have special requests and we are here to serve them.

Business meeting rooms can be arranged quickly, with your choice of equipment and food. We can provide you with a local mobile phone and other equipment, upon request. Couriers can be ordered for you. We can also provide multilingual Business Assistants.

We can organize all of your holiday requirements. You only need to make one call and your personal representative will arrange everything for you. We are efficient, discreet and highly organized - we want you to enjoy your vacation and relax.

Sightseeing, safaris, shopping, cultural or any other type of tour can be arranged for you, including:

  • Helicopter tours
  • Cruise experience on luxury yachts
  • Wildlife & desert safaris
  • Hunting tours
  • Personalized itinerary and much more

Luxury yachts can be provided to any specification that you require, including the appropriate crew.

“Safety first is safety always” ~ Charles M. Hayes. We can provide any kind of security that you require, including bodyguards, armored cars and security staff. We offer a fast, efficient and discreet service.

We can arrange for a luxury chauffeured vehicle to be ready to take you to or from the airport. A helicopter can be waiting to take you to your next destination, or retained for a business trip or tour.

With a highly experienced, energetic team working 24/7 and the most efficient booking tools and know-how available, our Concierge Department can provide you with an exclusive service to meet all of your requirements.
Call +971 4 5235 888 to find out more.