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Top Tips For Smooth Air Freight

If quick delivery times are what you’re looking for, consider air freight transport. Some of the facts are: air freight is one of the fastest ways to ship goods, and delivery arrives as quickly as 1 or 2 days. Air freight can also have lower insurance rates due to shorter travel times. Overall, it is a popular transit mode choice when it comes to high-value or perishable goods transport, but not only those.



A cheap way to ship by air is to consolidate air freight. Just like transporting goods through ocean freight or ground travel, you can receive better rates by reducing the shipment to a single load (sharing storage). The only thing to consider is that consolidated consignments are usually not as fast as regular shipments.



Reliability is one of the significant advantages of air freight. Although flight schedules can get impacted by the weather, the choice of daily flights allows you to catch the next flight easily and overcome any delays. When it comes to security, rely on a trusted partner to ensure your goods are safe. Overall, air freight offers a decreased chance of cargo theft and in-transit damage. The extensive airport security and monitoring systems within airports add an extra layer of security for high-value or fragile items.



An experienced air freight provider can help consolidate shipments. It can also make logistics management easy by coordinating airport terminal pick-up, customs brokerage, delivery of cargo, and competitive air carrier rates. This way, our clients can focus more on streamlined shipping.


Aurora Aviation is a leading provider of aviation services that you can trust. We have an extensive network of partners which enables us to operate globally. You can trust all shipments are handled with expert care. Reach out to our team at or call +971 4 5235 888 to discuss any inquiries.

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Aurora Aviation is a leading international aviation services company. Its multilingual team provides flight support and flight management services with the mission of exceeding client expectations and promoting excellence.

Aurora Aviation works with a variety of commercial airlines and also handles group, cargo, private jet and medical charters. Its global network of offices, suppliers and partners is continually expanding.

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