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Flight Planning Services

Aurora Aviation plans the best, most cost-effective air routes

At Aurora Aviation, we understand the need of companies to travel to various countries and airports, and we are on stand by to support the flight department of every aviation company with our flight planning services. Our teams bring a global experience providing extraordinary service thanks to our trusted international support team who can help our clients meet desired expectations.


We are a full-service provider offering optimised custom flight plans, fuel, and handling arrangements, a global airport service network and regulatory solutions provider.


Our team will easily check the weather, fuel prices and airspace restrictions along any route, confirm visa and passport requirements, arrange handling and permits, arrange for aircraft and passenger security at practically any destination around the world, including concierge services sought after by any VIP clients.


The flight planning team is available 24/7 and handles all requests received over the phone on +971 4 5235 888 or email Speak to our specialist today!

About Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation is a leading international aviation services company. Its multilingual team provides flight support and flight management services with the mission of exceeding client expectations and promoting excellence.

Aurora Aviation works with a variety of commercial airlines and also handles group, cargo, private jet and medical charters. Its global network of offices, suppliers and partners is continually expanding.

Aurora Aviation attaches great importance to long-standing business relationships with clients, colleagues, suppliers and partners. Its expert and efficient staff adhere to Aurora Aviation’s core values, which are: discipline and order, dedication and responsibility, loyalty and transparency, teamwork, growth and learning, passion and determination, creativity and open-mindedness, and optimism. The staff are led by a management team with a wealth of experience in their respective fields.