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Air Freight Services

Transporting Medical To Outsized Items For Our Clients Globally

Aurora Aviation air cargo charter team works with many of the world’s largest cargo airlines and organises cargo services, for private customers and commercial businesses. Whether our client needs to transport small, high-value items or heavy, outsized goods such as machinery, vehicles and equipment, Aurora Aviation’s air cargo charter team is here to find the most suitable aircraft and cost-effective route to locations which are currently available to receive such shipments.


Recently, we pride ourselves with supporting the United Nations with air transport of 1,000 tons of relief material including perishables on its route from Asia to South America. For our client, one of the largest commercial airlines in Southeast Asia, we have executed delivery of 2,500 tons of medical equipment such as masks and ventilators which were being shipped from Asia to Europe. Our specialists can also assist with the transportation of any oversized cargo. We have supported our longterm private GCC client with a shipment of heavy machinery and drilling equipment originating in Europe and with a destination in Asia.


We will make sure that goods will arrive on time based on the approved schedule. The air cargo charter team manages all of the paperwork. It handles air waybills, applies for authorisations and governmental pre-approvals and ensures that any possible flight restrictions are noted and respected and clients are notified. Our teams are on top of the latest information from the aviation sector making sure the process of shipping is smooth and fast. The company’s team of operators is available 24/7. We understand that our customers may need to revise plans and adapts to new needs. We will gladly support you via phone on +971 4 5235 888 or email