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Summer season is here and many people have been looking forward to their annual vacation. We observe that the way they travel has changed. Important aspects of travelling by air nowadays are health, safety, and flexibility – all aspects fulfilled by private flying. Aurora Aviation offers years of experience in providing jet charter solutions and understands the importance of increased safety. Apart from maintaining the health of our passengers, we also provide services such as VIP concierge for the entire trip. Don’t hesitate to plan a trip to your summer destination!


Private charter is a service that is sought after by individuals and even groups of people who already discovered the advantages or may want to avoid flying via regular airlines at the moment. The operators we partner with are fully flexible and for our clients, we provide complete services from take-off to landing to any operating global locations.


Why private flying should interest you:

  • Private charter flight convenient to your time schedule
  • VIP transportation to and from the airport
  • Swift airport procedures, no waiting in queues
  • Crew personnel fulfilling every need
  • Various and tasty catering options
  • Visa and entry documentation assistance if required


Partner with Aurora Aviation, we offer years of experience in arranging private jet charter solutions, including private, commercial, and cargo aircraft charters. Our company understands the importance of time, flexibility, and comfort.