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How Far Can a Private Jet Fly?

We see private flying as a big trend, but are there limitations?

Private jet travel gives you the ability to avoid airline hassles and enjoy flying in luxury and efficiency. Many people new to the world of private airlines have questions about the specifications and limitations of this mode of travel. In our mailer, we would like to answer the most common questions.


So how far can a private jet fly? For this specific topic, we have reached out to Capt. Manu Mathew, the Chief Operations Officer at Aurora Aviation, who explains: “In most cases, it is, as far as you need it to fly. Private jets compare very well to commercial airlines. A person travelling in the private jet would arrive well ahead of the person using the commercial jet almost every time. An average private jet has cruising speeds of 604 miles per hour is faster than some of the commercial planes. Another fact is that private airlines have less wait time on the ground, from check-in to takeoff, making for a faster experience overall.”


He also adds to the topic: “The exact distance that a private jet can cover depends on the size of the aircraft. Many are designed to carry small groups of people and are likely to have smaller fuel capacities – about 1,500 miles range. More expensive private jets are larger and have flight ranges of 4,000 miles, allowing for trips across oceans. Generally speaking, private jets can bring you any length of distance that a commercial airline can, and they can do so faster and more conveniently. The only real question is how big a fuel capacity you need, and that is a question best answered by your individual needs and travel habits.”


If you are thinking about purchasing an aircraft with a longer range, Aurora Aviation will gladly support you with aircraft management services, flight planning for the individual journey including obtaining permissions. Fuelling is accessible through our wide network of partners. Speak to our team, email us at or call us directly +971 4 5235 888.