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Top Benefits of Air Freight

Air freight is key in supporting the global trade system

It is known to be the best transport alternative for high-value and low-volume shipments. But are there any other reasons to transport goods via air? In this blog post, we have asked Aurora Aviation’s VP of Business Development, Mr. Mohammad Muzfer, for his outlook: “Sure, there are many reasons to choose air over sea, road or railway. Also, since the global pandemic, the demand for air freight is high and we have been following the trend which is to convert passenger planes for freight, taking out the majority of seats to provide more cargo capacity. At Aurora Aviation we truly believe that moving goods by air is the best option in today’s world and our team will gladly assist you with any inquiries.”


Below we share the top 6 benefits of air freight:

  • The fastest transport alternative

Air freight is, without doubt, the fastest transport alternative compared to others. Because of its speed, it is especially effective for shipping goods over longer distances. Cargo airplanes generally cruise at speeds of approximately 900 kilometers per hour taking only hours to move goods from one place to another.

  • High reliability

The shipments are highly reliable as airlines tend to be on top of their schedules with dependable arrival and departure times.

  • Reach any destination

Our network of partners has a large network of destinations covering nearly the entire world. This means, with air freight you can ship your goods almost anywhere.

  • Secure shipments

Air freight is often used for high-value shipments and safety is important. Also, goods shipped by air undergo minimal handling, which makes air freight one of the safest shipping alternatives. Cargo safety controls are very well managed and most goods are cleared within a matter of hours which reduces the risk of both damage and theft.

  • Avoid unnecessary costs

Air shipments usually require less heavy packing compared to other shipping alternatives. Also, the quicker transit times of air freight reduce the need for warehousing and also the insurance is lower. This means saving money.

  • Track your goods

Tracking air freight shipments is easy as there is always a flight number provided to the client. This means anyone can monitor the status of the cargo from departure to arrival to stay updated.


Do you need to move your goods quickly? Is time your top priority? Do you need to reach a remote destination? Are you concerned about damage or theft? If you have answered yes to the above questions, then air freight is the right approach for you. We will happily assist you at or +971 4 5235 888. Speak to our team!