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Flight Permissions Assistance

We secure all types of flight permits

Overflight and landing permits are one of the most challenging requirements for any airline and flight operator, as there are many variable factors and documentations to consider when applying for flight permits service. That is why you can rely on our team to assist you. Our operators are skilled and can handle any clearance requirements on your behalf.


Our dedicated international flight clearance team secures take-off, landing, and overflight permits quickly and ensures that costs are always kept to a minimum. Our clients only need to provide their aircraft documents once to allow all future clearance requests to be processed even faster.


Some of our clients can be private owners who require occasional permits, while commercial operators will need block permits. At Aurora Aviation, we arrange permits covering the duration that suits customers’ needs.


We secure all required flight permits service and applications for your operation, including:

  • Special Operating Permits
  • Scheduled and Block Permits
  • PPR (Prior Permission Required)
  • Traffic Rights and Foreign Air Operator Certificates
  • Short-notice Permits 24/7
  • Slots
  • Guidance and coordination for Diplomatic Permits
  • Overdue Permits


At Aurora Aviation, we guarantee securing all types of flight permits service for any receiving destination worldwide. All you need to do is contact us at or call +972 4 5235 888 to speak with our specialists.