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All Your Air Cargo Needs Covered by Aurora Aviation

For a long time, air freight was considered the only option for particularly high-value freight and urgent, special deliveries. However, this way of thinking has become outdated and air freight is enjoying increasing popularity, due to its high reliability and great on-time performance. Read below how Aurora Aviation can support you in transporting any goods of your choice.


Steps you need to take to get your goods into the air
Regardless of whether you want to transport a full container load or only a partial load: after you’ve contracted a forwarding agent, you will need to handle the necessary formalities. We at Aurora Aviation are glad to help you to take all these steps and help to simplify the process for you. You can rely on our specialists from start to finish. Our team books the freight space and organizes customs clearance. We will also set up a follow-up transport to the delivery location by truck or rail.


Why transport by air
Air freight offers you probably the fastest, safest and, most efficient way to transport goods. Its biggest advantage – speed – is obvious. If you want your goods to reach their destination as quickly as possible, air freight is undoubtedly the best option, airplanes are about 30 times faster than en route. Air freight is also way ahead in terms of reliability. Airlines are better than ocean freight companies at handling schedule changes and adhering to a strict schedule, usually with multiple flights per day. It is also a much safer alternative for high-value goods. Air cargo goes through a strict, standardized process, with multiple security checks at the airport ensuring that the risk of damage or theft is reduced to a minimum.


Even if air freight seems a lot more expensive at first glance, the short transit times also mean a significantly higher turnover of goods, and in today’s fast economy, time is money. Aurora Aviation Air Freight services team provides you with a reliable way to get your goods to their destination. Feel free to contact us by mail at or call 24/7 at +971 4 5235 888 for a quote.

About Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation is a leading international aviation services company. Its multilingual team provides flight support and flight management services with the mission of exceeding client expectations and promoting excellence.

Aurora Aviation works with a variety of commercial airlines and also handles group, cargo, private jet and medical charters. Its global network of offices, suppliers and partners is continually expanding.

Aurora Aviation attaches great importance to long-standing business relationships with clients, colleagues, suppliers and partners. Its expert and efficient staff adhere to Aurora Aviation’s core values, which are: discipline and order, dedication and responsibility, loyalty and transparency, teamwork, growth and learning, passion and determination, creativity and open-mindedness, and optimism. The staff are led by a management team with a wealth of experience in their respective fields.