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Soar to New Heights with a Trusted Aviation Partner

In the dynamic world of aviation, where precision, efficiency, and reliability are paramount, Aurora Aviation stands tall as a beacon of excellence. As a global leader in aviation services, Aurora Aviation offers a comprehensive suite of solutions ranging from ground handling and cargo services to bespoke flight planning, VIP charter services, and more. With a commitment to unparalleled quality and a passion for exceeding expectations, Aurora Aviation emerges as the preferred choice for discerning clients seeking a trusted aviation partner.


Ground Handling Excellence:

At the heart of seamless air travel is Aurora Aviation’s ground handling expertise. From swift aircraft turnarounds to meticulous baggage services, our ground handling team ensures a smooth and efficient experience for both passengers and crew. With a global network of ground support personnel, we guarantee that every aspect of your ground operations is handled with precision and care.


Cargo Solutions Tailored for Success:

Aurora Aviation takes pride in its cutting-edge cargo services, designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s time-sensitive shipments or delicate cargo requiring special handling, our team is equipped to deliver with the utmost efficiency. Our end-to-end cargo solutions ensure that your goods reach their destination securely and on time, every time.


Strategic Flight Planning:

In the world of aviation, a well-planned flight is the foundation of a successful journey. Aurora Aviation’s flight planning services are powered by state-of-the-art technology and a team of seasoned experts. We optimize routes, minimize fuel consumption, and navigate through complex airspace to ensure that your flights are not only efficient but also cost-effective.


Luxury Redefined with VIP Charter Services:

For those who demand the epitome of luxury and personalized travel experiences, Aurora Aviation’s VIP charter services are second to none. From spacious interiors to gourmet catering, we redefine private air travel. The fleet of meticulously maintained aircraft, coupled with discreet and attentive service, guarantees an unparalleled journey tailored to the unique preferences of our esteemed clients.


Embark on a journey of excellence with Aurora Aviation – where the sky is not the limit, but the beginning of your unparalleled aviation experience. Choose us as your trusted aviation partner and elevate your travel expectations. Contact our team 24/7 at or call +971 4 5235 888.

About Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation is a leading international aviation services company. Its multilingual team provides flight support and flight management services with the mission of exceeding client expectations and promoting excellence.

Aurora Aviation works with a variety of commercial airlines and also handles group, cargo, private jet and medical charters. Its global network of offices, suppliers and partners is continually expanding.

Aurora Aviation attaches great importance to long-standing business relationships with clients, colleagues, suppliers and partners. Its expert and efficient staff adhere to Aurora Aviation’s core values, which are: discipline and order, dedication and responsibility, loyalty and transparency, teamwork, growth and learning, passion and determination, creativity and open-mindedness, and optimism. The staff are led by a management team with a wealth of experience in their respective fields.