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Horse Air Transport

Horse Air Transport

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation organises horse air transport around the world through a trusted network of specialists. The equine air transport division of Aurora Aviation’s cargo management services regularly coordinates the import and export of horses. It also handles domestic flights and ground transport at each airport. For those looking to transport horses between equestrian events and competitions, Aurora Aviation can provide complete solutions.

Horse air transport is complex, as regulations differ from country to country. Aurora Aviation’s specialised staff can assist with details of the requirements and ensure that all the necessary paperwork, including health certificates, customs forms, and insurance, is ready. Pre-export checks, blood tests and quarantine will be organised and the relevant authorities will be notified. Aurora Aviation will secure space on a regular cargo airline flight or charter an aircraft for the transportation of the horse.

The comfort, welfare and safety of each animal is paramount. Aurora Aviation provides each equine passenger with an experienced flying groom before, during and after the flight. Trained and certified flying grooms are accustomed to loading and unloading horses before and after flights.

In addition to their in-depth knowledge of different breeds and temperaments, they are familiar with all types of aircraft that provide equine transport and keep up to date with procedural changes at airports around the world.

Aurora Aviation can organise every aspect of equine transportation, including transfers to and from the airports and stabling at the airport. Owners will be kept updated during the entire process. Contact Aurora Aviation today and benefit from an exceptional level of horse transport services.