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Oil and Gas Air Cargo Charter

Oil and Gas Air Cargo Charter

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation is a specialist in the field of oil and gas air cargo charter management. A dedicated team organises an array of services through its expert network of oil and gas transport companies.

Aurora Aviation sources appropriate aircraft licensed to carry hazardous materials or outsized and heavy loads for its customers. It is aware that the choice of aircraft can significantly impact the cost of transportation and endeavours to find the most cost-effective solutions.

All documents accompanying air freight are carefully prepared to ensure they comply with the regulations in force in each country.

When energy companies need to transport small pieces of equipment or spare parts to staff working on exploration programmes, Aurora Aviation coordinates private jets and helicopter transfers. It also handles flight planning and requests for take-off, landing and overflight permits.

Customers from the oil and gas industries also rely on Aurora Aviation to manage flights for their staff.

When crew and engineers need to reach oil and gas platforms in remote locations, their companies turn to Aurora Aviation for private jet travel, helicopter transfers, and onboard catering. Fly in, fly out services are regularly organised.

Many activities in the energy industry are time critical. Aurora Aviation customers appreciate being able to outsource the entire management of oil and gas air cargo charter and staff transport to a single company.

Aurora Aviation takes care of each step in the procedures, including insurance and customs clearance. It offers customers long- and short-term flight programmes.

Aurora Aviation works with experienced oil and gas transport companies that benefit from international agreements allowing them to forward freight to almost any country. Aurora Aviation’s services are available 24/7, including those related to oil and gas air cargo charter. Its teams are multilingual, which means customers can speak their own language.