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Repatriation Charter

Repatriation and Humanitarian Aid Cargo Charter

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation is able to give a quote for a repatriation charter during the first call from a customer if the necessary details are provided. Within minutes, the quote is then sent to the customer, who returns a signed copy by email to set the procedure in motion.

Aurora Aviation has access to a huge fleet of aircraft and strategic bases via its trusted network of partners and cargo carriers. The range of aircraft available increases the scope of travel for repatriation charters in remote destinations.

Once it has the patient’s passport details, a specialised team organises customs clearance. It coordinates the patient’s departure and arrival with the relevant hospitals and ensures that ground transportation is available.

Aurora Aviation also deals with many aspects of flight planning, such as requesting take-off and landing slots for the patient’s flight.

Aurora Aviation rapidly deploys humanitarian aid cargo charters anywhere in the world. It assists some of the biggest international agencies with their relief efforts.

Humanitarian aid cargo charters require a particular skill set. Aurora Aviation works with crew who are all highly trained in this field and have experience of working in remote locations.

The team’s reputation and strong network of partners allow it to negotiate the best cargo charter prices for cost-effective solutions.