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Inflight Medical Care

Air Ambulance Services

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation organises air ambulance services when a patient needs to be transferred from the site of an accident or from one hospital to another. In most cases, an individual becomes ill or is injured while travelling and may need inflight medical care. This requires flying medical equipment and teams to the patient’s location.

Aurora Aviation’s medevac team specialises in evacuation with the aim of rapidly flying patients to a medical centre with high-quality medical care. Patients usually want to return to hospitals near their homes but it may be necessary to transfer them to a different medical establishment with the appropriate facilities and specialist staff to treat them.

The medevac team is available 24/7 and handles all calls with great sensitivity. Aurora Aviation will gather all the information needed and explain exactly how and when the patient can be transferred to the chosen hospital for treatment. A doctor’s approval is needed before the patient can travel and the receiving hospital must confirm that a bed is available in the appropriate ward before the journey begins.

Air ambulance services are the safest and quickest option for patients who are too sick or weak to take commercial flights. Aurora Aviation arranges air ambulances and inflight care administered by highly qualified, compassionate medical personnel. The specialised aircraft also carry essential high-tech equipment and medical supplies.

Aurora Aviation recommends the most suitable type of aircraft. If need be, paediatric medical equipment can be arranged for children and babies.

Aurora Aviation ensures that passengers flying with their own medical equipment can take it on commercial aircraft with prior arrangement. Some flying medical equipment is already available on board commercial and charter flights, such as supplementary oxygen, defibrillators and an emergency medical kit for doctors to use.

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