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Longest-range Private Jet Travel

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation facilitates the provision of the longest-range private jet travel worldwide, utilising the longest-range aircraft.

The longest-range private jet hire available varies in nature depending on each individual specification. While conventional private jets may be used to transfer celebrities and royalty from one destination to the next, VIP airliners may better suit large corporate groups and delegations. Aurora Aviation is an expert in identifying and catering to these requirements. It provides comprehensive chartering, support and services for the organisation of long-range air travel.

But exactly what constitutes a ‘long-range’ flight, and how far can the longest-range aircraft travel? Flights of over 12 hours are usually recognised as long-range, and airliners such as the Boeing 787-800 'Dreamliner' can travel over 15,000km without refuelling. Because passengers may be spending up to 17 hours inside the cabin on long haul flights, Aurora Aviation ensures that their comfort and convenience is paramount.

Every possible step is taken to create a seamless transition for passengers across country and continent. For more conventional long-range private jets such as the Bombardier Global 8000, a similar nonstop travel distance of 14,631 kilometres is achievable. Aurora Aviation works with a network of over 200 private jet operators. It recognises that the needs and schedules of private passengers may be subject to change at short notice and is able to offer short turnaround times.

It can organise permits within two hours, and offers support for customers 24/7. An additional range of services including VIP lounges, catering, ground handling, flight planning and crew services is also available.

Aurora Aviation guarantees unparallelled delivery of flight services for long-range aircraft through its market-leading customer experience, experiential flair and meticulous attention to detail. Contact Aurora Aviation today to ensure that long-range flights retain a VIP customer experience.