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Airspace and Airway Restrictions

Aurora Aviation

Flight planning is not as straightforward as simply choosing the most direct route from A to B. It is a complex process that involves the consideration of a variety of factors, including any airspace and airways restrictions that are applicable to the journey. Because airspace restrictions are implemented in order to ensure the safety of both aircraft passengers and citizens on the ground, it is crucial that they are recognised and adhered to.

Each country is in control of the airspace above it, and the country’s aviation regulatory body sets the guidelines regarding how and where aircraft are able to fly. Airspace and airways restrictions can be either permanent or temporary, and are put in place for a number of different reasons. These include restrictions due to military activity in certain areas, and restrictions to protect particular landmarks or assets. Temporary restrictions can also be issued for airspace that is normally uncontrolled, and these are communicated via Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs).

Aurora Aviation is acutely aware of the safety implications and the potential sanctions that violating airspace restrictions can incur. As a truly global aviation organisation, Aurora Aviation has a comprehensive understanding of airspace and airways restrictions worldwide. It is able to assist its customers in planning and organising safe, efficient and comfortable flights that comply with restriction guidelines.

Aurora’s dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide assistance services and consultancy regarding airspace and airway restrictions to its customers. The team takes pride in removing the stress that last-minute complications to flight plans can cause, and ensuring the smooth running of flights of all types, including commercial airlines, private operators and cargo airlines.

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