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Short Notice Request

Short Notice Request & Remote Location

by Aurora Aviation

Airlines and private operators sometimes need to arrange flights that are slightly more complex than usual. Making a short notice flight request and arranging flights to remote locations are both good examples of where a little extra consideration may be required. Aurora Aviation can assist its customers in both of these instances.

For those living a fast-paced lifestyle, circumstances and priorities can often change rapidly. This often means that VIPs - whether they are business executives, celebrities or world leaders - need to travel to new locations in a matter of hours. But making a short notice flight request can be a considerable challenge. These requests involve close communication with various third parties to secure the overflight and landing permits, crew availability, aircraft parking and repositioning, and refuelling.

Thanks to its industry-leading network of support services, Aurora Aviation is able to make rapid, secure arrangements when it matters, removing the administrative burden of short notice flight requests from its customers.

Arranging flights to remote locations poses an additional set of challenges, many of which are specific to a particular destination. Airports in remote locations may have reduced availability of ground handling crew and jet fuel due to smaller populations and limited accessibility, and others may pose problems due to harsh geographies.

Some airports in particularly mountainous areas such as the Himalayas even require that aircraft pilots have undergone site-specific training in order to land there.

Aurora Aviation ensures that its customers are able to focus solely on the destination, wherever it may be. The team works diligently in the background to put all the necessary administration in place to facilitate each flight.

For more information about how Aurora Aviation can assist with any flights to remote locations, please feel free to call +971 4 5235 888 or email