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Diversion Flights

Diversion Flights & Rerouting

by Aurora Aviation

Rerouting is sometimes required even though modern, sophisticated flight planning methods, such as those employed by Aurora Aviation, enable the majority of the flights scheduled each day to take place without a hitch. Rerouting may be due to a variety of factors, including adverse weather conditions, passenger incidents, staff strikes or mechanical faults.

Aurora Aviation understands that while diverting and rerouting flights can be necessary from a safety perspective, it is never an ideal situation. Rerouting can prove costly for airlines and operators of all types, and the associated delay is also frustrating for passengers. However, Aurora’s expert flight planning team is committed to ensuring that disruption is minimised and the best possible outcome is achieved for passengers and operators alike.

Aurora Aviation’s team is available 24/7, so that when the unexpected occurs mid-flight, it is perfectly placed to provide the highest possible standard of support for its customers.

Where rerouting and diversion is required, the optimal resolution will vary depending on the specific situation and a complex set of considerations.

Landing at the nearest airport is not always the best option. For example, in the event of a mechanical failure, availability of replacement parts and maintenance crews may be the key factor in selecting an alternative destination.

Fuel availability for the recovery leg of the journey may take precedence in other scenarios.

Aurora Aviation draws on a combination of industry insight, professional experience and modern technology to ensure that rerouting is a smooth, safe and efficient process for its customers.

To find out more about rerouting services by Aurora Aviation, please feel free to email or to call +971 4 5235 888.