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Aircraft Dispatcher &

Remote Control Centre and Remote Flight Dispatch Office

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation operates an industry-leading remote control centre, which works alongside the aircraft dispatchers in the dispatch office to ensure smooth, safe and timely departures for its customers and partners. The highly skilled remote control centre team focuses on managing flight schedules and checking they are configured optimally to meet the requirements of airlines and private operators alike. Aurora Aviation’s staff work around the clock to evaluate route performances, allocate suitable aircraft according to capacity and requirements, and coordinate with fuel suppliers and third parties. The dispatch office controls aircraft movement, with a focus on safety and efficiency of operation. Aurora Aviation has an established global network, which enables its customers to benefit from the highest quality of aviation back office services for any destination.

Aurora Aviation’s highly-trained aircraft dispatchers work from the remote flight dispatch office to identify the cheapest and most effective route for flights of all types and distances, based on a wealth of industry knowledge and insight.

It is the responsibility of the remote flight dispatch office to obtain the relevant permissions necessary for all flights, and coordinate with navigation and civil aviation authorities to ensure they are compliant with relevant legislation.

Safety and security are paramount to each flight dispatcher working for Aurora Aviation. These important staff members are committed to providing a comprehensive briefing to all crew before departure, and ensuring that flights do not take place without thorough weather, NOTAM and route analysis.

Aurora Aviation uses its industry expertise to remove the burden and complexity of coordinating back office processes from its customers.

By working with Aurora Aviation, airlines and operators are able to focus on delivering a high quality customer experience, with a guarantee that back office duties are taken care of. For more information, please email or call: +971 4 5235 888.