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Aircraft Operations

Aviation Support

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation provides a vast range of aviation support services to commercial and cargo airlines and private jet operators. Its multilingual aircraft operations team works 24/7. In the aviation industry, where time zones are so important, customers appreciate knowing they can rely on aviation support at any time and can communicate in the language of their choice.

Ground handling, flight planning and clearance are important areas of Aurora Aviation’s work. It handles all aspects of flight planning and keeps its customers up-to-date of any changes that arise. The aircraft operations team also takes care of take-off, landing and overflight permit requests and responds rapidly to unforeseen circumstances such as rerouting.

As a leading aviation fuel company and kerosene reseller, Aurora Aviation provides jet fuel services at airports around the world, supplying millions of litres of fuel at competitive prices. It is active in all areas of the fuelling industry, including the tender process.

Aurora Aviation is one of the few suppliers to offer 24/7 fuelling services. Dedicated multilingual aviation support teams provide cargo support services, including the transport of animals, oil and gas and large machinery. They work with specialists in each field to ensure that the handling of each consignment complies with the relevant regulations.

Private jet charter is another of Aurora Aviation’s areas of expertise. With years of experience in this field, its aircraft operations team is familiar with all types of aircraft, as well as the operations at each airport.

It sources and delivers jets and crew for private, commercial, cargo and medical aircraft charters and takes care of catering, hotel accommodation and transport for passengers and crew.

Aurora Aviation takes its responsibilities very seriously by adhering to international standards and stringent procedures.