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Air Crew Visa

Air Crew Visas and Tickets

by Aurora Aviation

Flight crew services can be complex, particularly the area of air crew visas and crew tickets. Many airlines and private jet operators entrust the organisation of flight crew tickets and visas for all destinations to Aurora Aviation.

Aurora Aviation helps its customers to avoid any potential air crew visa issues by researching and learning all the visa requirements for various destinations. The team stays abreast of changing regulations and requirements. It is available 24/7, which means it can also help with last-minute requests for tickets and visas.

Visa regulations for crew members vary considerably and can change over time. Some countries will accept certificates such as an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), while others require a support letter or proof of invitation from a local sponsor. Aurora Aviation helps its clients to navigate these specificities and obtain the correct paperwork and air crew visas.

In addition to dealing with advanced planning for air crew visas, Aurora Aviation can expedite the process.

Although some visas are granted on arrival, Aurora Aviation recommends obtaining them in advance to avoid potential problems and to cut down on crew duty time. It arranges multiple-entry air crew visas to frequently visited destinations. Most air crew visas are temporary and only valid for a few days.

Aurora Aviation can also advise crews to take precautions such as carrying a second passport. This acts as a backup for short-notice trips while the other passport is submitted for visa applications.

Crew are the face of an airline or private jet operator and it makes sense to incentivise and reward them for their work. Most airlines offer air crew and their family members free travel.

Aurora Aviation can seamlessly handle all crew tickets for flights and off-duty journeys to destinations where they will board a flight as crew.

For information on air crew visa and ticket services, please contact or call +971 4 5235 888.