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Flight Classes

Catering for Different Flight Classes

Inflight meals are among the most memorable aspects of a passenger’s travel experience. For this reason, Aurora Aviation’s catering services offer exceptional quality, choice and value. Hygiene and food safety are top priorities and the company’s highly trained chefs and catering staff adhere to strict regulations.


The catering team is adaptable and efficient. It uses high-quality ingredients and prepares creative menus. The team caters for all dietary requirements, including halal, vegan and gluten-free, in all flight classes.

Business and Economy Class Catering

The culinary expertise of Aurora Aviation’s partners is particularly appreciated in business class. The teams prepare innovative and imaginative menus using the freshest ingredients. Aurora Aviation’s business class catering services distinguish themselves through their focus on each detail. This five-star approach to dining ensures that passengers enjoy a positive experience.

Premium inflight catering showcases a destination’s signature dishes and regional specialities. Clients can choose from a variety of mouth-watering appetisers, main courses and desserts.

Business class catering includes quality tableware and cutlery to complete aesthetically presented meals. Aurora Aviation prepares business class meals in both halal and non-halal kitchens.

Non-halal meals are paired with wines selected by sommeliers.

World-class meals are not just the domain of business class catering. Aurora Aviation’s tasty inflight meals are cost-effective and high quality. Dietary restrictions are catered for when advance notification is given.

The catering team’s knowledge of food safety, allergies and cultural sensitives ensures storage and meal preparation requirements are always taken into consideration.

Aurora Aviation’s catering and provisioning services for economy class flights offer a variety of international menu options. Affordable meals, beverages and snacks are prepared for long-haul and short-haul flights.

To benefit from Aurora Aviation’s extensive expertise in economy and business class catering, please send a request to or call the team on +971 4 5235 888.