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Halal Catering Services for Airlines

High-Quality Halal Catering for Commercial Airlines

The growth of Middle Eastern airlines and Muslim travel has significantly increased demand for halal catering. Although airlines are not all fully Sharia-compliant, most offer halal options to their passengers on request. Some carriers have embraced an all-halal approach to reduce the complexity of catering for different dietary requirements.

Aurora Aviation organises top quality halal catering services for private jet operators and airlines. Inflight meals served should not only taste good, but should also be culturally compliant. Aurora Aviation organises varied and balanced halal menus that are 100% free of haram products. Dishes do not contain pork or alcohol or derivatives of these products. Aurora Aviation prepares, stores and transports halal food separately from non-halal products to avoid contamination.

It ensures that kitchen cleaning products are free of alcohol. All dishwashers are either halal-only or they are thoroughly drained and disinfected before cleaning halal utensils. The company works with chefs and caterers with in-depth knowledge of halal catering. The care with which each dish is prepared is reflected in the taste.

Private flights and charters make it possible to ensure that an entire aircraft is free of alcohol. When Aurora Aviation handles customers’ halal catering, every detail is planned with precision. It delivers a full halal catering service for any number of passengers, from early morning breakfast buffets to gourmet meals.

To learn more about Aurora Aviation’s halal catering services, please contact or call the team on +971 4 5235 888.