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Procuring and Tenders

Aurora Aviation’s jet fuel buyers worldwide contribute to its solid reputation in the field of procuring and tenders. Its specialists procure fuel and other services for more than 200 commercial passenger and cargo airlines and private jet operators at 1,500 airports.  


Aurora Aviation is one of the few aviation fuel distributors on the market to offer 24/7 support and access to a global aviation network of suppliers. It is an IATA Strategic Partner, which helps it forge strong relationships with key industry stakeholders.


Aurora Aviation benefits from a dedicated team managing all aspects of procurement and tenders, from catering supplies to fuel. The team of jet fuel buyers worldwide adheres to well-established procedures to procure quality items and services.

Jet Fuel Buyers Worldwide

Fuel procurement and tendering are critical to an airline’s profitability, but the volatility of the energy market makes them complex. For this reason, it is essential to be able to rely on the skills of specialist jet fuel buyers. Aurora Aviation is an expert in supply chain management, assessing market trends and monitoring supplier performance. This expertise results in tenders with guaranteed compliance, faster bids, fewer disputes and complete transparency.

As jet fuel buyers worldwide, Aurora Aviation does not compromise on quality. With specialist knowledge of prime fuel availability, its aviation fuel distributors offer short-notice solutions and up-to-date NOTAM of fuel shortages.

Aurora Aviation has earned the loyalty of its clients through its safe and timely procurement and distribution of high-quality aviation fuels to even the most remote and challenging airports. Aurora Aviation creates bespoke solutions to drive down costs and significantly improve service delivery. The procurement and tenders team understands the price structure applicable at airports and can help airlines and private jet operators to cut margins and reduce costs. For example, VAT waivers and flexible payment terms can be arranged on clients’ behalf.

To learn more about Aurora Aviation’s jet fuel buyers worldwide, email or call +971 4 5235 888.