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Diplomatic and Urgent

Diplomatic Clearance and Urgent Clearance

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation’s specialised staff regularly handle diplomatic clearance and urgent clearance. The company provides its customers with a one-stop shop for flight clearances of all categories and arranges permits 24/7, every day of the year.

Flight clearance can be complex, as procedures differ from one country to another. For example, overfly permits for Panama can be processed instantly, whereas Israel does not allow overflights of its airspace. Aurora Aviation’s team stays up to date with the various permit requirements in force, as well as agent and civil aviation authority contact details for each country.

Aurora Aviation assists both seasoned aircraft owners and newcomers to the flight clearance process. Flights requiring diplomatic permissions differ from regular private, charter and commercial flights.

Diplomatic clearance is usually requested on state or government flights. Filed flight routes must match the flight permit, so last-minute changes increase the complexity of the procedures.

Diplomatic clearance requires special conditions and always require the need to fill a special form, which is different for each country. For this reason, it is recommended to seek the advice of specialists. Aurora Aviation’s competitive prices, dependable service and expert knowledge are key to obtaining the diplomatic clearance necessary for governmental itineraries.

Aurora Aviation coordinates with embassies and ground handling so that the ground staff are aware of the diplomatic flight status. They will then prioritise it and organise all the necessary services upon arrival.

Aurora Aviation endeavours to arrange permits for ambulance flights and other urgent clearance within two hours. This is ideal for VIP customers who need flights and landing permits for urgent meetings or last-minute weekend trips. The flight clearance team keep customers updated on on the status of permit applications and urgent clearance requests throughout the process.

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