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Prior Permission


by Aurora Aviation

PPR is the abbreviation of Prior Permission Required and indicates that for certain aeronautical activities, permission from the appropriate authority must be obtained.

Aurora Aviation handles PPR requests for many of its customers. Its staff have thorough knowledge of the procedures and keep up to date with any changes.

Most aircraft require a slot, a landing permit and a PPR before landing. As with many areas of aviation, procedures for obtaining permission vary from airport to airport. The type of aircraft may affect how long in advance the permission must be requested. Some airports stipulate that requests must be made several weeks in advance for aircraft over a certain weight.

During busy periods, some airports may temporarily introduce a PPR scheme. In all cases, when the permission is confirmed, the allocated number must be added to the flight plan.

Due to the nature of their work, search and rescue and air ambulances may be exempt from PPR requirements. However, they will still need to communicate their planned movements to the relevant airport.

PPR slots are generally requested from an airport’s handling agent. A request form will need to be filled out with details such as the captain’s name, an email address, the arrival date and estimated arrival time, the aircraft type and registration details. In addition, the authorities need to know where the aircraft is arriving from, the maximum takeoff weight, the planned departure date and time.

Handling requirements, such as fuelling and catering must also be noted, as well as special requests. The handling agent must be informed of any changes in departure and arrival times or cancellations.

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