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Navigation Chart

Navigation Chart & Navigation Calculation

by Aurora Aviation

The first step to successful navigation is deciding where to go, and the second is deciding how to get there. A multitude of factors need to be taken into consideration, particularly during the second stage. Fuel consumption requirements, identification of potential hazards and avoidance of controlled airspace are just a few of the things that need to be taken into account while planning routes. Aurora Aviation uses the latest aeronautical navigation charts and a best-in-class flight navigation calculator to deliver optimal navigation services for its global customers and partners.

Aeronautical navigation charts are used to help pilots keep track of their position, and follow their chosen route to a destination as accurately as possible. There are several types of flight charts, all of which cover different scales and include varying amounts of detail. The usage of these charts varies depending on whether a pilot is flying under instrument flight rules (IFR) or visual flight rules (VFR).

Aurora Aviation uses navigation charts of all types to help airlines and private operators plot routes for their aircraft. In terms of flight navigation calculators, things have come a long way from the humble E6B “whiz wheel”. Aurora Aviation uses cutting-edge electronic navigation devices to aid pilots with predicted fuel burn, wind correction, estimated time of arrival and other crucial considerations.
With this information, it is able to help airlines and operators achieve peak performance from their aircraft through the use of performance-based navigation (PBN) techniques.

Aurora Aviation’s support team works 24/7 from a huge range of locations globally in order to provide an accurate, rapid-response navigation support service. For more information about Aurora Aviation’s extensive experience in navigation and the services it can provide for customers and partners, please email or call +971 4 5235 888.