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Flight Planning

Navigation Fees and Payment

by Aurora Aviation

Navigation fees are charged when an aircraft flies over any country or lands at an airport. These fees are usually imposed by civil aviation authorities or dedicated government departments. They cover services related to each flight and are calculated on the basis of an aircraft’s maximum take-off weight and the distance flown in the relevant country’s airspace.

During a single trip, an aircraft may fly over several countries and the relevant authority in each will issue an invoice. In addition to the paperwork this generates for airlines and private jet operators, each country has different payment settlement systems and may only issue documents in its own language.

Many of Aurora Aviation’s customers entrust it with the management of navigation fees so they can focus on their core work. The specialised, multilingual team always checks that the figures on invoices are correct and that fees for cancelled flights are not charged.

Some authorities choose to outsource the collection of navigation fees to a regional or international organisation.

For example, European countries and various neighbouring countries pay fees to Euro Control. Generally, invoices are issued within a few days, although in some countries, aircraft operators may have to pay a deposit. Failure to pay navigation fees may result in the civil aviation authorities refusing to allow an airline or aircraft from flying over their territory in the future.

Aurora Aviation always ensures that invoices are paid on time to avoid its customers being sanctioned. When discrepancies over invoices arise, its solid working relationships with aviation authorities allow them to be quickly resolved.

Whenever possible, Aurora Aviation pays fees in advance on behalf of its customers. In the case of overhead permits, many countries require navigation payment from the entity that organises the overhead permit. Aurora Aviation’s flight planning department secures permits for its customers on a daily basis.

Consequently, they avoid paying navigation fees for each leg of a flight and only need to settle a single invoice issued by Aurora Aviation. For more information please contact Aurora Aviation.