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Weather, NOTAM

Weather Analysis - NOTAM Analysis - SIGMET

by Aurora Aviation

NOTAM (Notice to Airmen), SIGMET (Significant Meteorological Information) and weather analysis are all vital to flight planning.

Accurate weather analysis is essential for informed decision-making when planning flights. Weather analysis is a process based on complex and constantly-changing information, and given the danger that adverse weather conditions can pose to aircraft, it is a fundamental part of ensuring the safety of both passengers and airline staff. Aurora Aviation’s team has extensive experience in weather theory and analysing weather conditions. It is able to provide accurate and informed guidance to its customers and partners on how weather is likely to affect visibility, turbulence levels and overall aircraft performance.

A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) is filed with an aviation authority to warn pilots about hazards that could affect the safety of flights. They can cover a wide range of reported issues including closed runways, military exercises, airspace restrictions and inoperable navigational aids.

NOTAMs are often filed at short notice, and given the urgency of the information they carry it is essential that pilots are made aware of them as soon as possible. Aurora Aviation utilises its global coverage to monitor for NOTAMs and inform relevant parties within minutes. This means airlines can rest assured that their crew is making decisions based on the most accurate information currently available.

Similar to a NOTAM, a SIGMET (Significant Meteorological Information) is a form of advisory to pilots, but it is entirely weather-focused. SIGMETs fall into two categories: non-convective, which cover severe turbulence, ice or volcanic ash, and convective, which relate to thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Because of the urgency of the information they contain and the direct safety implications, SIGMETs are another form of critical information for pilots. Aurora Aviation factors in both NOTAMs and SIGMETs as part of its industry leading flight planning service, which is available to meet the requirements of airlines and operators of all types, worldwide.