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Ground Handling

Ground Handling Equipment

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation ensures that a state-of-the-art ground handling system is made available to customers to coordinate the operation of ground support equipment. This enables professional equipment management to be efficient and professional.

The company assists with the provision of a wide range of ground support equipment that meets the needs of private jet operators and airlines operating aircraft of all sizes. It offers both non-powered and powered equipment at numerous locations worldwide. Aurora Aviation’s equipment is of the highest industry standard and compliant with exacting safety standards.

Aurora Aviation provides non-powered ground support equipment, including dollies, chocks, tripod jacks and aircraft service stairs. Its powered offering consists of refuellers, tugs, tractors, transporters and loaders that serve a wide range of specialist functions, along with many other operational tools.

Aurora Aviation works alongside industry partners that provide an extensive variety of air transport services. They include commercial and cargo airlines, as well as private jet operators.

It is able to meet the freight and cargo management requirements of these diverse partners by sourcing specialised loading equipment that is tailored to perform specific functions. Aurora Aviation’s privileged contacts within the industry enable it to provide very specific equipment, such as heavy high loaders and main deck loaders, which are not widely available.

The complexity of ground handling is such that having access to an inventory of the correct tools and ensuring that access is available in the right place and at the right time is vital. Aurora Aviation is able to facilitate the usage of these tools and services for both ad hoc and scheduled flights. Customers can feel secure in the knowledge that whatever their ground support equipment needs may be, Aurora Aviation can develop a customised plan that is guaranteed to surpass expectations.

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