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Aircraft management

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation has developed an industry-leading aircraft fleet management system designed to maximise asset lifecycles and utilisation.

It understands that a fleet of aircraft represents the most significant investment that a passenger airline, cargo airline or private jet operator makes. It also provides insights into how costs associated with fleet management, such as legislative compliance and staffing, can be minimised.

Aurora Aviation provides expert consultancy regarding fleet staggering, a method of aircraft fleet management that maximises productivity and spreads the cost of aircraft maintenance.

While avoiding having too many aircraft undergoing maintenance at once may initially sound obvious, real-world factors such as operational damage and unexpected failures make the process far more complex than it may seem.

Fleet staggering involves analysing the number of spare aircraft available at any given time, as well as considerations such as ‘time since new’ and ‘cycle since new’ engine maintenance, line maintenance workload and component replacements. Strategically implemented fleet staggering can have a significant effect on overall business performance for airlines. Safety is another very important consideration that affects aircraft fleet management.

Maintaining accurate records relating to the status of aircraft, and liaising with pilots and airline staff to ensure repairs are carried out in a timely manner is critical to ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. As a global organisation with a highly skilled support team available 24/7, Aurora Aviation is perfectly placed to guarantee the safe and efficient operation of aircraft fleets anywhere in the world. For more information about the aircraft fleet management services Aurora Aviation can offer, please call +971 4 5235 888 or email