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Airport Analysis &

Airport Analysis and Airline Route Analysis

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation conducts airport analysis and airline route analysis for commercial airlines, cargo airlines and private jet operators as part of its aviation consultancy and optimisation services. As an established global organisation with extensive experience in all types of aviation, it is perfectly placed to benchmark airline performances. Aurora Aviation can also make recommendations for opening new destinations based on current data insights.

In an increasingly competitive environment, airlines of all types are striving to differentiate themselves to customers and stakeholders. Two significant factors in achieving this are analysing and optimising current performance, and expanding profitably and sustainably. Aurora Aviation is able to help airlines and private operators make the best decisions with regard to opening new routes. This involves assessing the viability of routes based on considerations such as flight path restrictions, availability of fuel, ground handling services and many more.

Alongside airline route analysis and airport analysis, Aurora is also able to make recommendations regarding new aircraft. The suitability of a specific aircraft for a particular airline is largely dependent on its performance capabilities. The passenger capacity of the aircraft, the distance it is able to travel, fuel capacity and associated costs must all be taken into consideration. Aurora Aviation is an expert in crunching the numbers to find the perfect aircraft to meet its customers’ requirements.

As a forward-looking organisation with an established presence worldwide, Aurora Aviation is at the forefront of the latest trends affecting air travel. Consequently, it is able to identify and suggest the most popular and profitable destinations that can offer the resources its customers need. For more information about how Aurora Aviation can help with the optimisation of routes, aircraft and new destinations, please call +971 4 5235 888.