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Fuel Consumption Calculation and Tankering

Fuel Consumption Calculator & Tankering

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation uses state-of-the-art fuel consumption calculators to accurately measure and report fuel consumption to its customers. For passenger airlines, cargo airlines and private jet operators, aircraft fuel consumption and its associated costs are among the most significant overall operating costs.

This means maximising fuel efficiency and minimising expenditure is critical to airlines’ overall business performance and success. In addition to calculating fuel consumption, Aurora Aviation also makes recommendations on where tankering could be an effective cost-saving measure for airlines and operators.

Tankering is the practice of purchasing fuel in a location where the price is particularly low, and storing it aboard the aircraft in order to avoid buying additional fuel in a more expensive destination. It is particularly beneficial for ultra long-range aircraft and private jet operators, because it allows them to save money and provide the flexibility that their customers often require.

However, there are negative consequences associated with the carrying of excess fuel. Higher fuel burn due to the extra weight, additional strain on aircraft engines, landing gear and brakes, and longer takeoff/landing distances must also be taken into account.

This means the effectiveness of tankering as a cost-saving measure is dependent on a number of significant factors.

The specific aircraft type, passenger and cargo loading, distance to destination and burn-off percentage caused by tankering must all be considered.

Aurora Aviation’s sophisticated fuel consumption calculators are able to make a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of fuel management strategies such as tankering in a particular instance. They incorporate real-time fuel pricing capabilities to ensure an accurate cost evaluation. In turn, this allows airlines and operators to make informed decisions and perform optimally.

For an accurate analysis of the calculation of fuel, the team analyses more than 1000 flights (both short and long flights). Based on these calculations, the errors are overcome and minimised is the difference between calculated fuel and actual spent fuel.

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