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Aircraft Financing

by Aurora Aviation

Aircraft financing is one of the most significant hurdles that airlines and private operators must overcome in order to grow as an organisation. In an environment as competitive as the aviation industry, it has never been more important for airlines to have a comprehensive overview of business revenue streams and their respective profitabilities. Airlines often operate on relatively fine margins, so an understanding of current performance is crucial - particularly when formulating growth strategies and planning for expansion measures such as aircraft financing.

Aurora Aviation helps its customers to achieve the requisite level of visibility with minimal disruption by taking on the administrative burden of revenue analysis. It provides clear, accurate metrics and invaluable insights that can be used by customers to influence all aspects of business decision making.
Aurora can also assist with dynamic pricing strategies and benchmarking to provide pricing recommendations that tally with market expectations.

Because of the relative expense of aircraft in comparison to revenue, few airlines opt to purchase fleets outright. Instead, most choose one of several other options including direct lending, operating leasing or finance leasing. Direct lending involves a secured or unsecured loan from a single bank or syndicate of banks, whilst leasing from a commercial aircraft sales and leasing (CASL) company provides greater flexibility.

Choosing any of these financing methods will necessitate input from creditors, who will wish to undertake due diligence measures before making proposals. Revenue analysis and understanding profitability is therefore likely to be a key factor in the decision-making process for these creditors. Aurora Aviation can help customers to prepare for these evaluations and remove the stress from securing the best possible deal for aircraft financing.
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