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VIP Meet and Greet

VIP Meet & Greet and Bodyguards

by Aurora Aviation

Aurora Aviation provides private air charter services for heads of state including private jet security, diplomatic clearances, ground handling, and VIP meet and greets. Its team of private air charter specialists is knowledgeable and internationally connected. It offers an exemplary personalised service to every category of VIP, from celebrities and corporate C-level executives to government ministers and royalty.

Private air charter services for heads of state and other VIPs need to be bespoke, flexible and discreet. Aurora Aviation’s multilingual team is available 24/7 to provide worldwide support for VIP travel to all corners of the globe.

Aurora Aviation will arrange for a staff member to welcome VIP passengers as they step off their aircraft.

An authorised agent will escort them to the most exclusive airport lounge to relax while customs and immigration personnel process their arrival.

Staff can assist with translations and arrange red carpets or any other service customers may require.

Aurora Aviation screens aircraft, crew, operators and owners to guarantee private jet security. The team can arrange bodyguards as part of its private air charter services so that heads of state and other VIP passengers fly and arrive safely. Each booking receives tailored security control measures depending on the situation, risk and airports involved.

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