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Diplomatic Jet Charters

Diplomatic Jet Charters and Royal and Governmental Flights

Aurora Aviation organises diplomatic jet charters and royal and governmental flights. Its specialised staff have in-depth knowledge of best practices and processes in diplomatic transportation. They regularly attend training courses to keep up to date with developments and operational methods. The crew aboard diplomatic flights are fully screened and take the confidential nature of their work very seriously.

All aircraft comply with stringent aviation authority safety standards. With a network of more than 200 private jet operators around the world, Aurora Aviation sources and delivers the most appropriate aircraft. Any in-flight services can be arranged, including catering. Flights carrying heads of state or with passengers travelling on diplomatic clearances all come under the umbrella of diplomatic flights. They require more permits than standard private flights but these are usually processed at short notice.

Diplomatic flights also benefit from express customs, immigration, and quarantine clearance.

Aurora Aviation’s staff endeavour to provide as much advance notice as possible to be sure that all the required services are available on arrival. Ground handlers will be informed of the diplomatic flight status and will give the diplomatic jet charter priority for parking and handling. With their solid experience of diplomatic flight charters, Aurora Aviation’s staff rigorously check every detail. For example, they will always consider visa requirements for passengers and crew who do not carry diplomatic passports.

In most cases, flight personnel with no diplomatic clearance must have appropriate visas. Aurora Aviation organises private jet charters for royal and governmental flights. It offers governments private jet consultancy, aircraft management services and a full range of ground handling services at airports around the world.

Contact Aurora Aviation to learn more about all services related to diplomatic air charters or royal and governmental flights. Please call on +971 4 5235 888 or request a callback from the team.