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Visa Assistance

VIP Visa Assistance

Aurora Aviation’s private jet operator and airline customers regularly need VIP passports and visa assistance. Aurora Aviation specialises in VIP visa assistance for the private, business and governmental sectors. Available 24/7 the multilingual VIP services team offers worldwide support for travel to all corners of the globe. Aurora Aviation has years of experience in navigating ever-changing visa requirements. It keeps up to date with complex rules and legislation. Not only are its visa experts aware of the most recent developments, they also anticipate future changes and assist clients accordingly.

VIP Visas at Short Notice and VIP Passports

Aurora Aviation offers last-minute visa assistance to royalty, celebrities, corporate C-level executives and government ministers. It does its utmost to obtain VIP passports and visas at short notice and expedite the process.

Aurora Aviation tailors its VIP visa assistance to the private, business and governmental sectors. They will review and check clients’ papers to confirm that everything is in order and then submit the application on their behalf.

The top-tier service provides peace of mind. It endeavours to ensure that VIPs have all the necessary documents and offers support in case any issues arise.

These measures ensure that VIPs experience a swift, smooth and stress-free transfer through immigration. Aurora Aviation provides bespoke guidance for applying for and obtaining VIP passports. It delivers a range of passport services including passport renewals, name changes, passports for children, second passports and replacing lost or stolen passports. The team ensures documents are completed correctly and photos meet the passport guidelines of the relevant countries.

For VIP visa assistance, please send a request to Aurora Aviation at or call +971 4 5235 888.