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Global Air Cargo Charter and Special Cargo Flights

Aurora Aviation air cargo charter team works with more than 20 of the world’s largest cargo airlines and organises cargo services, including special cargo flights, to private customers. Whether a client needs to transport small, high-value items or heavy, outsized goods such as helicopters and equipment, Aurora Aviation’s air cargo charter team will find the most suitable aircraft and cost-effective route. Consignments will be transported from airport to airport or door to door and will arrive on time.

Aurora Aviation’s experience in special cargo flights spans the transport of animals, dangerous goods and items for the oil, gas and manufacturing industries. It works with humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, transporting vital goods and mobile hospitals to places that need them. The air cargo charter team manages all of the paperwork. It handles air waybills, applies for authorisations and governmental pre-approvals and ensures that dangerous goods requirements are complied with.

Air cargo airlines benefit from Aurora Aviation’s full range of services, which include clearance, fuelling, ground handling and flight planning. The company’s team of ETOPS and FAA certified flight dispatchers are available 24/7. They use sophisticated in-house cross-country flight planning technology to calculate the best, most cost-effective flight paths. Flights can often be planned in just 15 minutes. Crew services, such as transportation, hotel accommodation and catering, can also be provided. Contexts can change suddenly in the aviation industry.

Aurora Aviation is used to dealing with flight deviations and other unexpected circumstances. Its teams rise to challenges quickly and calmly to ensure that cargo consignments are not delayed. Aurora Aviation understands that its customers may need to to revise plans for special cargo flights and adapts to their needs. Call +971 4 5235 888 or email to find out more about air cargo charter.