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A Comprehensive Medevac Service

Aurora Aviation is a trusted provider of international flight support services for operators specialising in medevac, the emergency evacuation of the sick and wounded. Aurora Aviation offers flight support services to staff of air ambulance operators working in high-stress situations. Thanks to its established network of specialised operators, it can also organise medevac for anyone who needs it.

There are numerous situations in which people may urgently require the services of a medevac operator – from wounded soldiers to skiers caught in an avalanche.

Aurora Aviation’s medevac support team has years of experience in working quickly and efficiently in emergency situations. It can arrange air ambulances and onboard medical equipment for private individuals, governments, NGOs, the armed services or employees of multinational companies.

People contact Aurora Aviation directly when a loved one is ill or injured in a country with inappropriate medical facilities and needs to be transported to another country for urgent treatment. All calls are handled calmly and with great sensitivity. Before and during the medevac, the team coordinates between all parties involved, including the air ambulance team, aviation authorities and staff at hospitals and clinics.

Aurora Aviation’s medevac team takes care of every aspect of medical evacuation flight support services. Flight planning, clearance, fuelling and ground handling are organised as quickly as possible. All crew services (visas, tickets, accommodation, catering and transport) can be provided. The team also handles fast-track procedures when specialised medical staff need to be flown anywhere around the world. Aurora Aviation is dedicated to ensuring that ill or injured patients receive the care they need.