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Business Aviation

The terms “business aviation” and “private jet charter” tend to confuse people outside the aviation industry. In fact, they are the same. Aurora Aviation works with more than 200 private jet operators around the world. Private jet charter” conjures up images of billionaires flying to one exotic location to the next. Yet nowadays, more and more people are opting for private jet travel. They are willing to pay more than the price of an airline ticket to enjoy the many benefits of business aviation.

Business Aviation and Private Jet Charter

A private jet charter offers high levels of flexibility and convenience. Aside from the time saved by avoiding long queues at security and passport control, business aviation offers flights between numerous airports that airlines don’t serve. Aurora Aviation’s customers are sometimes VIPs, government delegations and CEOs. They are also sports teams, musicians, media representatives on press trips, and individuals or groups who want to avoid the waiting time associated with commercial flights.

Private jets vary in size and range capacity. Classes range from very light jets to VIP airliners. Aurora Aviation is always available to advise its customers on the most suitable aircraft for their needs.

Aircraft interiors can be customised to suit any special requirements. Aurora Aviation works behind the scenes of hundreds of private jet flights. It handles all aspects of flight planning and clearance and delivers aircraft to their take-off destinations. Teams provide fuelling, ground handling services and top quality inflight catering for any number of passengers. The air crew are the face of any aircraft operator and have a high level of responsibility.

Aurora Aviation’s air crew services can organise their accommodation, transport, catering, visas and tickets. With years of experience to draw on, Aurora Aviation can rise to any challenge in the business aviation sector with speed, efficiency and discretion.