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Station Management

Station Management

by aurora aviation

Aurora Aviation offers ground handling agent services for commercial airlines, cargo airlines and private jet operators. Its airport ground handling encompasses all requirements and procedures between landing and take-off, including ramp handling and customer service functions. The image of an airline depends greatly on the quality of airport ground handling.

Aurora Aviation’s qualified station managers control and supervise stations on behalf of airlines. Members of the public are not familiar with all the work behind the scenes of an airline because ground handling is organised so efficiently. The station managers use ground handling and service level agreements to coordinate handling needs and provide quality services.

In addition to passenger and baggage handling, they are also trained in catering. They work in a fast-paced operational environment that requires great skill to manage the many cross-functional interdependencies and stakeholders. Aurora Aviation’s customer service functions span ticketing, check-in, provisions for oversized or heavy luggage, baggage sorting and lobby management.

They include handling irregular operations such as rebooking flights for passengers who have missed connections. In addition, Aurora Aviation’s staff make arrangements for unaccompanied minors or people with reduced mobility. They handle lounge management, as well as boarding and disembarkation. Ramp services include marshalling, chocking, and connecting and disconnecting ground equipment such as boarding stairs.

Staff also deal with baggage and freight handling, towing and refuelling and handle toilet and water servicing and catering equipment. Aurora Aviation staff ensure aircrew are provided with the necessary documents for each flight, such as notifications of certain categories of goods on board an aircraft.

All Aurora Aviation station managers take operational and occupational health safety and training very seriously. They ensure that all safety and security management systems used in airport ground handling comply with industry standards. For more information on ground handling or station management, supervision and coordination, please contact Aurora Aviation.