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Crew Services

Air Crew Services

Aurora Aviation offers a wide range of air crew services.

Air crew have a high degree of responsibility and contribute greatly to the image of a company. Aurora Aviation understands that airlines and private jet operators want to give them the best support possible, which is why it is constantly developing services in this area. Aurora Aviation offers training for crew and arranges hotel accommodation and services for them anywhere in the world. Entrusting air crew services to Aurora Aviation brings numerous benefits. A dedicated team organises flexible hotel bookings for crew members.

Aurora Aviation’s advance check-in service arrangements mean they will never be asked for cash or credit card payments. The team constantly follows up bookings to ensure that check-ins and check-outs go smoothly. With Aurora Aviation’s worldwide service contract for air crew, the more rooms customers need, the less they pay. This reduces crew costs while allowing them to be treated in the way that they deserve.

In addition, by entrusting Aurora Aviation with hotel accommodation arrangements, airlines and private jet operators save time by no longer having to make phone calls or search the internet. Aurora Aviation’s multilingual staff handle everything. Our dedicated department organises hotel, transportation and security services for the crews of commercial airlines, cargo airlines and private jet operators. If crew need laundry services, late breakfasts, catering or have any other special requirements, Aurora Aviation will take care of them.

The company works with highly rated transport companies and car rental operators and can arrange all types of vehicles, including mini-buses, coaches, cars and VIP limousines. Vehicules, whether hired or chauffeured, will be at the agreed place at the time the crew needs them. If necessary, Aurora Aviation arranges for crew to be protected by bodyguards and offer its customers security advice for any location.