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International Flight Clearance

Aurora Aviation handles requests for take-off, landing and overflight permits as part of its international flight clearance programme. Clearance can be complex, as each country has its own regulations and procedures for issuing flight permits. Aurora Aviation draws on its knowledge and experience in this area to rapidly respond to customer queries about the permits necessary for their itineraries.

Aurora Aviation’s dedicated international flight clearance team secures take-off, landing and overflight permits quickly and ensures that costs are kept to a minimum. Customers only need to provide their aircraft documents once to allow all future clearance requests to be processed even faster.

Private aircraft owners may just require occasional permits, while commercial operators will need block permits. Aurora Aviation arranges permits covering the duration that suits customers’ needs and also supports diplomatic flights.

Its special unit deals with diplomatic clearance efficiently and rapidly, ensuring that the requirements for the countries the flights operate over are confirmed. If a VIP customer wants to fly during the weekend or schedule an urgent meeting, Aurora Aviation will endeavour to secure flights and landing permits as quickly as possible. All customers are kept updated on the status of permit applications throughout the procedure.

Air navigation fees finance the services provided by each country and contribute to ensuring their safety and efficiency. Aurora Aviation pays the navigation fees on behalf of its customers to streamline the procedure.

To learn more about how Aurora Aviation handles take-off, landing and overflight requests and for details of its international flight clearance programme, please call +971 4 5235 888 or email