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Flight Planning

Flight Planning Services

Aurora Aviation offers international flight planner services for all types of aircraft. Its team of ETOPS- and FAA-certified flight dispatchers are available 24/7. They use sophisticated in-house cross-country flight planning technology to calculate the best, most cost-effective flight path for airlines and private jet operators. When the flight plan is completed, the team can upload it directly into the flight management system.

Safety is obviously a key consideration in producing a flight plan. Vital factors taken into account include aircraft performances, weather forecasts, airspace restrictions, compliance with air traffic control, load and fuel requirements.

Fuel requirement calculations take into consideration weather forecasts, routes and flight levels, as well as technical constraints and fuel consumption rates. For cross-country flight planning, it is also important to consider the time difference between the departure location and the destination.

Details of the ground handling services at the destination airport must also be known. If a long-distance flight in a two-engine aircraft is planned across areas with no airports, such as deserts or oceans, additional safety rules apply. When multiple routes are possible, which is usually the case, Aurora Aviation’s flight planning system is able to reduce the options so that a detailed analysis is conducted for a manageable number and time is not wasted.

Aurora Aviation’s dispatchers also operate a flight following service enabling pilots to be advised of any changes in conditions. The company’s international flight planner staff file, refile or cancel flight planning as required. They also deliver crew briefings for the pilots, either electronically or via local staff on the ground. Aurora Aviation prides itself on the quality of its international flight planner services.

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