Commercial airlines

Aurora Aviation S.A. works with over 50 commercial airlines. We deliver innovative, fast and customer focused services for commercial airlines, including:

  • Jet fuel
  • Ground handling
  • Clearance
  • Flight planning
  • Air charter
  • Crew services
  • Catering

We are used to handling exceptional circumstances, for example, diversions. We always resolve problems in a calm and timely manner: we know that you don’t like delays and neither do we.

There is no need to have in-house expertise. We cover:

  • Station management
  • GSA (General Sales Agency)
  • PSA (Passenger Sales Agent)
  • Aircraft Delivery

You can ask unlimited time for revision, changes or delay. We understand the need to do that.

No problem. Just Ask Aurora.

Call +971 4 5235 888 or email to find out more.