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Comprehensive Aviation Management Services

Numerous individuals, airlines and private jet operations outsource aviation services and aircraft management to Aurora Aviation’s highly experienced team of professionals.


We are your remote flight dispatch office


The company’s multilingual teams of FAA certified flight dispatchers are available 24/7 and are experienced in working with all types of aircraft. We have the latest professional in-house software to arrange your trip within 15 minutes.


Aircraft management for private owners


Many people who buy an aircraft for private use appreciate that Aurora Aviation can take over a multitude of tasks related to aircraft ownership for them. They range from booking pilot services and arranging hangar storage, to logbook management and fuelling. Aurora Aviation also negotiates on-demand charter service arrangements with its many private jet operator partners. This enables owners to offset the cost of their aircraft by earning a percentage of the charter revenue generated.

Airlines and Operators

Aurora Aviation benefits from a solid network of contacts throughout the aviation industry. This talent pool provides expertise in all areas. In the ever-evolving aviation sector, outsourcing services to Aurora Aviation enables customers to have permanent access to best practice methodology. Many commercial airlines, cargo airlines and private jet operators rely on Aurora Aviation for flight planning, clearance, ground handling, fuelling, crew services and more.

Aurora Aviation analyses the most appropriate routes and prepares computed flight plans. Its customers’ crew receive flight briefing kits that include weather and NOTAM briefings. All pre- and post-flight documents and reports are handled too.

Aurora Aviation offers fleet structuring and aircraft management services to tour operators, aircraft investors and airlines. Staff can, for example, organise maintenance checks and represent customers when they take place.

Airlines and private jet operators are increasingly outsourcing back office tasks. Aurora Aviation staff works as an extension of their teams, allowing its customers to reduce human resources overheads and maintain efficiency in all areas of their business.

By opting to outsource aviation services and aircraft management to Aurora Aviation, customers can focus on their core activities.

Aurora Aviation

Airlines and private jet operators rely on us for management in any circumstances.