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Special Assistance Services

Special Assistance Services

Aurora Aviation is the industry leader in aircraft operations to respond to special situations. The company is reputed for its ability to act decisively and provide all necessary solutions at short notice, in any situation. The flight assistance logistics team at Aurora Aviation has extensive experience in all manner of unforeseen circumstances, including – but not limited to – diversion flights, short notice requests and dealing with airspace restrictions.

Flight Assistance Logistics

Unforeseen circumstances lead to a variety of issues that need to be addressed swiftly and expertly. Any unexpected turn of events during a flight requires a decisive and responsive approach, backed by knowledge and experience. Aurora Aviation’s responsive 24/7 team can assist in any scenario to address the issues and minimise losses to the client. Aurora Aviation’s staff undergo extensive training to prepare them for any eventuality.

The company is one of the few aviation service providers with a dedicated special situations team that continues to undergo regular training to build upon their wealth of existing experience. The staff are passionate problem solvers and dedicated to finding the optimal solution in every situation, always within a framework of safety.

The number of scenarios where Aurora Aviation can assist is wide ranging, whether it be rerouting, special situations in remote locations or airway restrictions, Aurora Aviation is on hand to provide the highest quality service.

Aurora Aviation regularly assists in the processing of priority permissions and can rely on an extensive network of relationships with aviation industry bodies to ensure that it deals with any issues quickly and efficiently.

In order to find out more about Aurora Aviation’s solutions for any kind of special situations or to contact the flight assistance logistics team, please send an email to or call Aurora Aviation directly on +971 4 5235 888.

Aurora Aviation

Airlines and private jet operators rely on us for assistance in any circumstances.