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Consultant Aircraft Services

The breadth of Aurora Aviation’s experience in the aviation industry has enabled it to establish a solid reputation as an expert in aircraft services. It provides consultant aviation services to commercial airlines, private jet operators and cargo airlines.

Route, airport and revenue analysis

Aurora Aviation can carry out data-driven analyses based on practical considerations such as route distances, aircraft movement and fuel consumption.

Operational needs and revenues relating to passengers, cargo aircraft, flight classes and airports are some of the factors it takes into account when providing consultant aviation services.

Airport analyses are important for operators seeking to expand their services. Aurora Aviation can provide detailed information such as traffic fluctuations at each airport, the airlines that currently serve them, capacity cuts due to external factors, as well as forecasts of potential growth.

The aviation industry is competitive and its future is difficult to predict. Aurora Aviation can assist by carrying out revenue analyses based on aircraft types, countries, routes and channels and important key performance indicators.

On a day-to-day basis, Aurora Aviation provides consulting related to aircraft services such as flight planning, fuelling and the most appropriate aircraft for group, cargo, private jet and medical charter services.

It prides itself on rapidly delivering flight plans, thanks to its in-house software and 24/7 team of ETOPS- and FAA-certified flight dispatchers.

Aurora Aviation

Airlines and private jet operators rely on us for consultancy in any circumstances.