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Private plane rental and VIP Services

Aurora Aviation organises private plane rental for VIPs and provides a broad range of support services to private jet operators. A dedicated team is available 24/7, every day of the year.

Private Plane Hire and Services for Private Jet Operators

Aurora Aviation works with more than 200 private jet operators worldwide. With its in-depth knowledge of every type of aircraft on the market, it will find the perfect one for each VIP booking.

All private plane rentals through Aurora Aviation are designed to give customers more time to focus on other areas of their work. From the moment private jet operators provide a date, time and details of passenger numbers and routes, their contact at Aurora Aviation will take care of everything. A private jet will be delivered on time with the pilot and crew, anywhere in the world.

Top quality catering services are available for all private plane hires. Private jet operators worldwide rely on Aurora Aviation for a wide range of services, beginning with aircraft consulting and delivery. When the perfect jet for a VIP client is selected, staff work with sophisticated in-house technology to deliver safe and cost-efficient flight planning.

A dedicated international flight clearance team secures overflight permits or landing permits quickly and ensures that costs are kept to a minimum. Once customers have provided their aircraft documents, all future clearance requests can be processed faster. Airport ground handling services are another of Aurora Aviation’s areas of expertise. It is a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and works with the most recent version of the IATA international standard agreement. Fuelling needs will also be handled.

During their flights, VIP customers expect to enjoy catering services of the highest standard. Aurora Aviation is an experienced catering service provider and prepares and serves gourmet meals, beverages and snacks for any number of passengers.

Aurora Aviation also offers crew services (accommodation, transport, hotel bookings, tickets, and visas).

Aurora Aviation

Airlines and private jet operators rely on us for VIP services in any circumstances.